What's going down ?
If it's a Saturday night and Black 47 are not on the road, you'll find them performing at Connolly's of Times Square. Call the bar at 212-597-5126 to confirm if they are in. They'd love to hear from you.

How do I find Connolly's ?
If you can find Times Square, you can find Connolly's. Just go to West 45th Street between Broadway and 6th Avenue. Plenty of buses and subways go there. Are you into maps?

When should I get there ?
Connolly's is open all day, so you can go for a stiff drink on the first floor whenever you like. Just remember the band starts at 10PM on the third floor.

What's the cover ?
Ten bucks and you're in the door.

Can I pick up some Black 47 swag at the show ?
We've got the latest albums, shirts, name it.

Can I tape the show?
Go for it. Just be sure to bootleg it all over the internet when you are done.

What's the 'Late Lounge' I keep hearing about ?
That's after the show. You'll have to stop in to find out for yourself.