Larry Kirwan 2019 Solo Gigs

Jan 10 - PARADISE SQUARE - which began as HARD TIMES back in 2012 at The Cell in NYC - will open at BERKELEY REP, CA on Jan 10th, 2019 (previews begin 27th Dec. 2018.) See The Five Points come roaring back to life as the joined Irish and African-American communities meet their moment of crisis on July 13, 1863 to the re-imagined music of Stephen Foster For tickets and details

Feb 22 - Larry Kirwan & Co. (full band) will play their St. Patrick's Season NYC show at Schimmel Center, Pace U, NYC All Crushers and 47'ers are eligible for 10% discount on tickets Use Code FRIENDS10. For info and tickets

Mar. 15 Larry Kirwan & Andrew Sharp will play a Celtic Crushing St. Patrick's Weekend Concert at Zlock Performing Arts Center, Bucks County Comm College Newtown, PA


Fancy coming to Ireland with me Oct. 1-7, 2019? We'll focus on Co. Antrim this year with an emphasis on Belfast, its history, politics, music & zestful life - including our usual political tour with ex-combatants as guides, a Van Morrison song journey that will include his birthplace, and a trip through Game of Thrones country where Irish history and fantasy meld together seamlessly off the beaten path.

We'll visit Dublin and stay just off St. Stephen's Green in the heart of the capital. You'll have time to visit the GPO and savor the history of the 1916 Uprising, Kilmainham Jail, The Guinness Storehouse, and the many pubs, clubs, parks, and cultural centers in this bustling city

We'll then travel down to my hometown, Wexford where I'll perform for you at the Arts Centre, and we'll party afterwards in legendary Mary's Bar. Then on to Limerick where we'll do a Frank McCourt/Angela's Ashes tour. Frank was a dear friend and I'll tell you stories about him, his brother Malachy & Angela herself who always called me "young fellah." You'll get to see the real Ireland and meet the real people. For INFO speak to Joe at 866-486-8772 or write: or download a flyer at


James Connolly, international socialist and leader of the Irish Citizen Army, disappeared from his headquarters at Liberty Hall, Dublin, on January 19, 1916. When he returned four days later his only comment was, “I have been through hell.” He had been held captive by the clandestine Irish Republican Brotherhood – a group that he had little in common with and often derided. In April 1916 he enthusiastically joined them in an unsuccessful – and some would say – suicidal attempt to overthrow British rule in Ireland...MORE

A History of Irish Music

A History of Irish Music by Larry Kirwan From Medieval Wexford to Midtown Manhattan Larry Kirwan tells the story of Irish music to a backdrop of war, social upheaval and revolution. From Viking invader to Sean O' Riada, Oliver Cromwell to Rory Gallagher, James Connolly to Van Morrison in a clash of uilleann pipes, armalites and electric guitars. The story moves with the Diaspora to The Pogues London, Dropkick Murphys Boston and Black 47 s New York City. Pulsing, passionate, occasionally tragic - through the eyes of an insider. 347 pages. LARRY KIRWAN S JOURNEY THROUGH IRISH MUSIC IS A MEMOIR, A LOVE STORY, A HISTORY OF MODERN IRELAND AND THUS UNIQUE. A VIVID, BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN ADVENTURE... Thomas Keneally, Author of Schindler s List
$20. Pre-order now at SHOP, ships mid-March.

Black 47 Last Call Logo


Black 47 Rise Up CD cover RISE UP is now available at all gigs. Larry Kirwan has compiled 15 tracks of remastered favorites and rarities recorded over Black 47's controversial career. From their first recording of Patriot Game two months after forming to their final shot with US OF A 2014 Black 47 show why many have hailed them as America's primary political band. 78 minutes of white hot rebellion, resistance & redemption!
For a list of tracks and pick up a copy — shop


Black 47 Last Call CD cover LAST CALL is Black 47’s final album. It is available on all digital platforms. (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) You can also buy the CD or download the 13 tracks — here.
You can find the lyrics, chord charts, a summary of the songs, pictures of the players and guests, and much more at the Black 47 Archive.

★★★★ On "Last Call," Black 47 serves a 200 proof cocktail made with a shot of funk and two fingers of Irish malarkey thrown in for good measure. Larry Kirwan saves the best for last, using roots, rock, and reggae to bring the final curtain down on the most influential Irish American band in history.”
— Mike Farragher/Irish Voice

Hear The Night The Showbands Died from 'Last Call'

Hear Johnny Comes a'Courtin from 'Last Call'

Black 47 at Connolly's of Times Square
February 8th

Black 47 at Connolly's of Times Square, 121 W. 45th St. NYC  Saturday Feb. 8th After a sold-out show on New Year's Eve make sure you get your tickets early to one of Black 47's last shows in their old stomping grounds at Connolly's. Tickets now on sale for Feb. 8th at the pub or HERE.
Book early - book often!

LAST CALL! Are you aboard?

Badge As you know by now Black 47 will disband in November 2014 exactly 25 years after our first gig.
What a long, strange and amazing trip - from the bars of the Bronx to Leno, Letterman and O'Brien. From Paddy Reilly's Pub to Farm Aid with Neil Young and Johnny Cash.
But none of it would have been possible without you - our friends and fans who stuck with us through thick and thin. You know well that Black 47 has always been more than a band. We've fought to get political prisoners out of jail, keep immigrant churches open and be a voice for the voiceless - Irish and otherwise.
Larry Kirwan

Hard Times to reopen at the cell from Jan. 9th to Feb. 16th

Hard Times will begin performances on Jan. 9th and continue through Feb. 2nd at The Cell Almeria Campbell in "Hard Times" photo by Steven Simring By the end of the evening, the audience is up, cheering and stamping. In “Hard Times,” Mr. Kirwan has not only delivered a knockout entertainment, he’s done a public service, reacquainting us with the Foster songbook and the striving, teeming America for which it was written. New York Times
Hard Times will reopen at the cell, 338 W. 23rd St., NYC from Jan. 9th to Feb. 16th. Tickets at $18 can be purchased here where dates and times of performance can also be found (mostly Thursdays through Sundays)


The Last St. Patrick's Day Show at BB Kings

BB King Blues Club & Grill in New York City located on 42nd Street in Times Square. Black 47 will play its 25th and last St. Patrick's Day Show in New York City on March 17th at BB Kings. Tickets now on sale at the club and here.

SiriusXM will also broadcast our last St. Patrick's Day show live from BB's.
In honor of the event we are playing a new song, Saint Patrick's Day from Last Call.
"I'll love you forever on St. Patrick's Day."

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Black 47 will appear on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on St. Patrick's Day.

Big Morning Buzz Live! with Nick Lachey

Big Morning Buzz Live! with Nick Lachey Black 47 will play two songs on Big Morning Buzz Live! with Nick Lachey on St. Patrick's Day.

Happy Holidays/Christmas/New Year's
Gift from Black 47

Download New Year's Eve in Olde Tymes Square MP3 (3.7M)
from the 'Last Call' recording sessions.
also available on SoundCloud


Black 47 new upcoming album called 'Last Call' In early November 2014, exactly 25 years after our first gig, Black 47 will disband.

There are no fights, differences over musical policy, or general skulduggery, we remain as good friends as when we first played together. We just have a simple wish to finish up at the top our game after 25 years of relentless touring and, as always, on our own terms. The last gig we played at the South Buffalo Irish Festival was as good as any we've ever performed. Our goal now is to play another full year plus and dedicate all of those gigs to you who've supported us through thick and thin. Rather than just running out the clock we will be recording "Last Call," an album of new songs in November and as usual will be working out the material onstage. We would like to say goodbye to you all personally and will make every effort to come play in your city, town, college, pub, club, performing arts center and should you wish to alert your local promoter you can download booking particulars here (PDF 1.92MB).
Black 47 has always been more than a band, we've spoken out for the nationalist population in the North of Ireland, against the war but for the troops in Iraq, for our gay brothers & sisters, immigrants, legal and undocumented, as well as for the voiceless of 1845-47; but in the end it all comes down to the music, the songs, and the desire to give audiences the time of their lives and send them home smiling and, perhaps, with a question on their lips. We look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming gigs. Thanks for the support and the memories - lets make many more over the next year.

Larry Kirwan's Celtic Invasion

Larry Kirwan's Celtic Invasion In thousands of gigs with Black 47 and eight years of hosting Celtic Crush I've kept an ear out for great talent and top shelf songs. I wanted to create an album that would open a gateway into the world of Celtic Rock. Here it is! CELTIC INVASION contains songs by The Waterboys, Peatbog Faeries, Runrig, Black 47, Hothouse Flowers, Pat McGuire, Barleyjuice, John Spillane, Shilelagh Law, Celtic Cross, Blaggards, and Garrahan's Ghost. Turn up the volume, open your ears, you have a treat in store. Get your copy now!

Rocks Off Concert Cruise

7/11/2014 Black 47 - Rocks Off Concert Cruise All aboard. This is our last cruise. Should be a doozy. We're takin' no prisoners and if we sail off the end of the earth, so be it.

Irish Night with The Mets

7/11/2014 Black 47 - Rocks Off Concert Cruise Black 47 played Shea Stadium more times than The Beatles. On Friday, Aug. 1st they expect to go one up at Citifield. Come to Irish Night and see The Mets/Black 47 send The Giants on the "road to ruin." Get your limited edition Irish Night t-shirt when you order at:

Smithwick's Sessions

Smithwick's Sessions We're looking forward to playing on the Smithwick's Sessions Pub Rock Tour every Thursday in September in Hoboken, NJ. (no cover)

Last Connolly's Gig

9/27/2014 Black 47 - Connolly's Pub & Restaurant Gimlets, Jägermeister, Long Island Iced Tea? Pick your poison, but do it with us one last time at Connolly's. If P2's there we'll all get naked. If Nico shows up we'll all have to sign waivers.

Famine Commemoration Gala

11/8/2014 Black 47 - Irish Network New Orleans - IN-NOLA Famine Commemoration Gala

Irish Network- New Orleans (IN-NOLA) Famine Commemoration Gala | 7:00-11:00 (patron party at 6:00)

Discounted tickets have been made available to Black 47 fans. Black 47 fans can save $50 per ticket by using the code: IFCGALA when purchasing tickets. Tickets can be purchased here.

The IN-NOLA black tie event at New Orleans’ historic Gallier Hall will feature New Orleans‘ cuisine and entertainment by the renowned Celtic rock band Black 47, and New York Celtic-Jazz singer Tara O’Grady with the Black Velvet Band, plus traditional Irish music and dancing.

New Orleans has been selected by the Irish Government to host the 2014 International Irish Famine Commemoration (IFC) which will honor New Orleans’ Irish and celebrate the triumph of Famine survivors in the face of tremendous adversity.

more info...

B.B. King Blues Club & Grill

11/15/2014 Black 47 - B.B. King Blues Club & Grill Sorry but i'm not not allowed to print what might happen at this gig!! But it is all ages.

Black 47 Archive Last Call

Black 47 logo Upstate Live
Hearing Aide: Black 47's 'Last Call'
By Steve Malinski

The Black 47 app for Android. Take the band wherever you go

Black 47 - Android Apps on Google Play It's music, gig alerts, videos and more. Get it now for your Android device. It's a free download and it's programmed with love by our own Fred Parcells.

Bankers and Gangsters released in 2010

Bankers & Gangsters Bankers and Gangsters is vintage Black 47 - uproarious, tuneful, challenging, current and above all, entertaining.

"Bankers and Gangsters is a timely echo of the populist anger being felt around the country towards big bailouts for everyone but the everyman" Staten Island Advance

"With the excellent Bankers and Gangsters, Black 47 remind us that substance and a sense of fun are by no means mutually exclusive" All Music Guide

"Cinematic storytelling and an ability to shift nimbly between heavy and light subject matter. There are New York street tales, stories of Irish historical figures, outlandish adventures, and ballads steeped in sadness and loss and its own brawny and bracing brand of Celtic rock" Philadelphia Inquirer

Rockin' the Bronx: A new novel from Larry Kirwan

Rockin the BronxIn this big, passionate, colourful novel set in 1980-82, the Bronx is burning, Bobby Sands is dying, John Lennon is being stalked, the Reagan Revolution has begun and AIDS is about to be identified. But life goes on in the immigrant bars of Bainbridge Avenue as Sean arrives from Ireland looking for his girlfriend, Mary, and finds a lot more than he bargained for.

"This is a Bronx tale full of raucous life and unvarnished reality. It captures a time when the Bronx had become a synonym for urban decay and conflict, and a new generation of Irish immigrants struggled to get a toehold on America.
There are no ethnic niceties in these pages, no phony-baloney version of multicultural harmony. This is the urban American of the 80s in all its raw squalor and splendor. Every page sparkles with memorable characters and lyrical accuracy." - Peter Quinn (Banished Children of Eve)